Friends of NC Senior Tar Heel Legislature


What is Friends?

Friends of North Carolina Senior Tar Heels, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation established in 1994. The original name of the Corporation was Friends of the NC Senior Tar Heel Legislature, Inc. In 1998 the word “Legislature” was removed from the organization’s name to satisfy grantor concerns that it was political and involved in lobbying activities. And a shortened version is Friends of NCSTHL.

What is the purpose of Friends of Senior Tar Heels, Inc.?

Friends of North Carolina Senior Tar Heels, Inc. was established for charitable and educational purposes, one of which was and remains “to provide support based on available resources and funding for the North Carolina Senior Tar Heel Legislature, Inc.”

Friends of North Carolina Senior Tar Heels, Inc. promotes “quality of life” for older adults in the State through:

  • Education
  • Research
  • Leadership Development
  • Grass Roots Advocacy

How is Friends governed?

Friends of North Carolina Senior Tar Heels, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board may have up to 25 members and includes at least one Delegate or Alternate from each Area Agency on Aging. The Board of Directors elects officers of the Corporation in March at their annual meeting in odd years for a two year term. The Board of Directors receive no financial compensation.

What kinds of financial support does Friends receive?

Friends of NCSTHL receives financial support from endowments, bequests, personal donations, grants, gifts, fundraisers, and memorials.

What are some of the accomplishments of Friends?

  • Scholarship Awards were initiated in 1995 to provide financial support for Delegates and Alternates to attend meetings of the North Carolina Senior Tar Heel Legislature.
  • Friends provide financial support of the of NCSTHL meetings as needed and pay for printing the NCSTHL Directory.
  • Friends pay for advocacy speakers and training as requested by the NCSTHL including buses to transport delegates/alternates to the Legislature in March every two years.
  • Friends provided financial support for the Tenth, Fifteenth, and Twentieth Anniversary Celebrations of the North Carolina Senior Tar Heel Legislature.

When does Friends meet?

Meetings of Friends are typically held on the same schedule as the North Carolina Senior Tar Heel Legislature. The time and place of the Friends meeting is usually announced in the NCSTHL agenda.

Are the meetings of Friends open to all Delegates and Alternates?

Delegates and Alternates are welcome to attend meetings of Friends. Should the need arise, the Friends Board of Directors may hold executive sessions and, at such times, visitors would be asked to leave.

How Can You Help?

Your tax deductible donation to Friends of Senior Tar Heel Legislature will support the development of forums to educate, inform and promote involvement in issues vital to older adults. Just send us an email at to find out details on how to donate.

Current Officers of Friends

  • Walter LaRoque  – President
  • Norma Duncan   – Vice President
  • Connie Southard  – Secretary
  • William Marshburn  – Treasurer

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